Hi Periwinkle Park ResidentsSunny

Greetings from Sanibel & Periwinkle Park, We hope that everyone is in good health and had a safe summer.
  • Due to COVID 19, the Park still remains closed (including our Bird Aviary) to outside visitors, bikers, walkers, etc. We are accepting Campers, but they are not allowed visitors. Permanent residents are allowed visitors.
  • Face Masks are required at restaurants & stores and are being worn anytime outside you cannot appropriately distance yourself from other people.
  • Fresh fruit & vegetables in the Mail room are ready to eat and great for you to take home. Dick puts them there to share.
  • Mosquito & rainy season is upon us. Please take a second look at your gardens and get rid of any containers, planters, or bird baths that hold standing water.
  • If you know your neighbors are gone for the Summer and see packages on their door step out in the elements, be a great neighbor and bring those packages to the Office.
Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
Thanks for making Periwinkle Park a great place to live and work!
Dick, Jerry, David, Jodi, Evelyn, Anita, Jen, Jay & James
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