Hello Periwinkle Park…
Several of us have been setting the stage for the parade.  You will see posters and signposts around the park reminding you that the Mardi Gras parade and Dinner and Dance is on Tuesday March 5.  Steve Rieth has agreed to coordinate parade activities in the 49ers and Suzanne Brady has agreed to coordinate for the rest of the Park.  Steve can be reached at (920) 915-4788 or by email atriethsk@gmail.com and Suzanne can be reached at (318) 680-0536 or by email at stgracie@aol.com. Steve has also agreed to be master of ceremonies
The Parade is coming together nicely.  The Riverside Brass will start and finish the Parade.  We will have Veterans, Mummers,The Kazoo Band, Zydeco dancing and the Mardi Bras.  In addition we are suggesting after the flags we have a parade of state and out of country flags.  We hope you’ll bring a flag representing your state, your college or university, your town or even you sports team….
We’ve also made room for a kid’s section.  We’re suggesting that you dress up your little ones (doesn’t have to be much more than a mask or a flag or whatever you’d like)  and give them  an opportunity to walk in the parade.
The 2019 King Queen will be Charlie and Julia Lasata.  Most of you know them…they’ve been here for decades.
We still need convertibles to ferry our royalty and our veterans.  If you have one which you can lend or drive during during the parade let Suzanne Brady know. We may also need a few people to dress as Mummers….Call Helen Flynn at (917) 693-9206 or Suzanne if you’d like to part of that.
Finally everyone is welcome to join the parade as part of a street or section group, or as an individual.  We don’t have to know that you are going to participate but if it’s a team effort, it would help if you let us know.
And of course, after the parade we will have the Park sponsored Mardi Gras Supper and music and dancing.
We’ll have more info as the date draws near.
Malcolm Martini
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