Tomorrow, Tuesday March 5th is Mardi Gras….Here’s the program….
3:30: assemble at the corner of 3E and No name street.  Report to the  Parade Marshall  (Malcolm Martini)
3:45: Line up for for the parade in cars, on foot or on bikes as follows:
= Island Brass
= Lead Banner
= US Flag – Tom Quimby
= Canadian Flag – Martine Roberts
= Those with Flags from their locale (If you didn’t bring a flag, bring them next year)
= Veterans ( Report to Suzanne Brady who has arranged for some to be picked up) Questions, Suzanne at 1-318-680-0536
+ Veterans on foot  
+ Veterans in cars
= Zydeco Dancers and bead throwers, – join the Dance
+ Mardi Bras
+ Others who want dance/walk behind the zydeco 
= The 2018 Queen, Dorian Hammond
= The new King and Queen, Julia and Charlie Lasata
= The 49ers Kazoo Band 
= Marissa and Jane in Golf- cart with Pumpkin Fred
= Return of the Island Brass
4:00 pm: – Parade Starts
4:30-4:40 pm: Parade nears end
5:00 pm:  The Muench Family Dinner and party starts.   Note that veterans, the current Queen and the new King will be served first. 
6:00 pm:  Remarks by the Muench Family, Introductions, and the crowning of the new King & Queen
Sometime later….Party ends.
– The parade will move North along No-name street, turn east at 1E and then go south (towards the Birds) 
– There will be performances, (Island Brass, Zydeco, The Kazoo Band) at the corner of 1E and Main Street and at Main Street and 3E/3W.  If     you have a performance, let the Prade Marshall know when you check in.
– Our EMCee, Steve Rieth will introduce the Parade participants at corner of 3E and Main Street.
– Music will be provided by our well known and popular,  DJ, Rusty Roepke. 
– Catering is by Sanibel Catering, (Bailey’s) 
– Debbie Ainsworth will be taking a video of the Parade and Dave Barron will be photographing.
Next Years’ Parade and Party will be Tuesday February 25, 2020. Bring flags from your state, town school, team etc.
Happy Mardi Gras.  

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